How Do Hearing Aids Help You Hear?

You will undoubtedly have heard of hearing aids, regardless of whether you actually need one or not. However, you may not have given much thought to how they actually help people hear. Hearing aids as a name is very self-explanatory. They aid your hearing. Only if you have ever owned or worn one will you know how strained and difficult a relationship you often have with a hearing aid is and how tricky they are to adjust in certain situations.

The author of the book Hearing Loss, Michael Simmons stated that although “Hearing aids may fit in the palm of your hand…they are an extraordinary thing with which to form a balanced relationship”

The main function and purpose of hearing aids is to help reduce the loneliness and feelings of being shut off from the rest of the world you feel when you can’t hear things as clearly as you would like to, by improving the quality and clarity of your hearing.

41They are not a quick fix and there are no bold claims associated with hearing aids that suggest they can bring back your hearing completely. They work with what is left of your hearing. Many general members of the public have the misconception that hearing aids work for your ears in the way glasses do for your eyes. Therefore, if they can see you have hearing aids in your ears, you must be able to hear properly.

The reality is that because the effectiveness of hearing aids is based on the level of residual hearing you have left, it could mean that even with hearing aids in, you could still have difficulties hearing people and things clearly in certain circumstances.

How well you get on with hearing aids may be effected by the following factors:

The extent of your hearing loss
How the clarity of your hearing has been affected
How you wear hearing aids
If people communicate well with you (for instance, face to face)
The amount of background noise there is when you try to have a conversation
What the acoustics are like in a particular room

The majority of modern and cutting edge hearing aids like resound linx have been programmed to tailor their functionality to the specific requirements of individual users. Your own prescription is calculated when you are given an official hearing test.

The prescription programs your hearing aids to give you a comfortable level of amplification for when you are hearing during spoken conversations. Although this gives you a good basic level of amplification, you may have to adjust the settings if it is still not loud enough.